Ultimate Scramble Championship

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Unlike any other calf scramble program, USC is a one-day tournament in which competitors catch calves in hopes of advancing to the next round. 4th and 5th place participants in each preliminary round will recieve $1,000. An additional $94,000 will be divided among the top boys and girls competitors who make it to the finals in the Rodeo Arena, with one boy and one girl receiving a first-place prize amount of $6,000 and the title of Ultimate Scramble Champion. With the USC certificates, winners can purchase animal of choice: market steer, market lamb, market goat, market barrow, breeding heifer or boer goat to bring to the next year's show.

The dates for Rodeo Austin 2021 are March 13-27. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Business Plan pick-up will be held at a later date. If you were a 2019 scrambler, you will recieve an email with updated informatin as it becomes availble. If you have specific questions, please email [email protected]

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2020 Business Plan Results

Winner payment schedule as follows:

First place $300

Second place $200

Third place $100

Committee's choice $100

Checks will be mailed directly to the winners. 

Business Plan Budget Spreadsheet Template


2020 USC Participant List

USC participants will receive one gate pass and orientation and heat information to their direct mailing address mid-February. This will not be sent to the AST/CEA. 

Business Plan Guidelines


Monthly Budget Spreadsheet Template

Please do not mail this form to your contributor each month. 

USC Entry Collection Form

Entries must be made by AST/CEA online. This form is used to support online entries.

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USC Bracket

RODEO AUSTIN - MARCH 13-27, 2021