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Welcome All Livestock Exhibitors

Each spring, Rodeo Austin welcomes junior livestock exhibitors as well as horse show exhibitors to the annual Fair and Rodeo typically held in March. On average more than 9,000 exhibitors compete to enhance their agricultural education. Rodeo Austin is proud to provide these opportunities for youth to succeed.

Online entries closed on December 15. Call (512) 919-3000 for late entries.


2022 Junior Livestock Show

March 11 – Jr. Market Lamb & Goat Arrival
March 12 – Jr. Market Lamb & Goat Show
March 15 – Jr. Market Poultry Arrival/Sift & Show
March 17 – Jr. Market Barrow Arrival
March 18 – Jr. Market Barrow Show
March 19 – Jr. Market Barrow Show
March 20 – Jr. Market Steer Arrival
March 21 – Jr. Market Steer Show
March 22 – Jr. Market Steer Show
March 23 – Jr. Breeding Heifer Arrival (American)
March 24 – Jr. Breeding Heifer Show
March 25 – Jr. Breeding Heifer Arrival (British/Continental)
March 26 – Jr. Breeding Heifer Show

*Schedule subject to change.


2022 Junior Livestock Show Judges

Junior Market Goats: Eric Zimmerman, TX
Junior Market Lambs: Evan Snyder, PA
Junior Market Barrows: Jeremy Cantrell, OK
Junior Market Steers: Nick Fitzsimmons, OK
Junior Breeding Heifers (Beefmaster, Brahman, Santa Gertrudis/British): Jon Declerck, TX
Junior Breeding Heifers (Brangus, Red Brangus, Simbrah, ARB/Continental): Brigham Stewart, KS
Junior Market Broilers: Daniel DeLeon, TX
Junior Market Turkeys: Curtis Vader, TX

Livestock Show kids showing sheep

2021 Weight Breaks

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Young lady showing her heifer

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2022 Schedule

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Please see below for frequently asked questions about the Livestock Show.

Junior Show

Late entries for the junior livestock show are $500 per entry and accepted through arrival. Completed paperwork and payment must be submitted during arrival at the Howdy office. Only checks and cash are accepted.



Agricultural Mechanics

Ag Mech late entries will be accepted through arrival. There is a $100 fee per project entered. Completed paperwork and payment must be submitted upon arrival.

Judging Contests

Late entries are accepted through March 1 for a $100 entry fee. Email [email protected] to enter.

All livestock must enter through Gate 1 on Decker Lane. No health papers are required for market animals at this time. In cooperation with the Texas Animal Health Commission, all breeding animals (Junior Breeding Heifers) must have health papers current within 30 days. Exhibitors with falsified papers will receive a $250 fine.

To stall together, you must arrive together. There will be no exceptions.


Join us for Rodeo Austin’s one of a kind Youth Auction! All market species will sell on Saturday, March 26th on the Rodeo Austin Fairgrounds. The sale order will be posted online by midnight on Thursday, March 24.

The sale schedule is as follows:

  • 9 am – Poultry
  • 10:15 am – Barrows
  • 12:15 pm – Steers
  • 2 pm – Lambs
  • 3:30 pm – Goats


By the request of the Youth Auction committee and buyers, exhibitor substitutions are highly discouraged. Substitutions must meet the requirements listed in the Premium Book. A substitute must be arranged by the original exhibitor. Substitutions can be emailed to [email protected]. Please, no buyer baskets.

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