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Show Barn Showdown

Exhibitors from Texas and across the nation travel to Austin each year to show their animals. Rodeo Austin hosts fifteen different livestock and horse shows during the Fair and Rodeo in the Show Barn. Fairground admission grants fairgoers access to each show. Viewers at home can also watch each show on RA TV—Rodeo Austin’s very own livestream.

Junior Livestock

More than 8,000 entries compete in the hopes of placing top in their division and earning a place in the Youth Auction. To participate in the Junior Livestock Show, exhibitors must be members of 4-H or FFA. Under the guidelines of their respective programs, exhibitors will purchase a livestock project to bring to Rodeo Austin. Fairgoers can watch a livestock show nearly everyday of Rodeo Austin.

Horse Show

Rodeo Austin is proud to showcase a horse show during the annual Fair and Rodeo. The Gold Stirrup Show is a show for riders with special needs. Riding is an important tool in both rehabilitation and recreation for individuals with a variety of special needs. Riding therapy can help to strengthen muscles, improve balance, improve concentration and build self-confidence.


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Avenue of Breeds

The Avenue of Breeds is an educational display of livestock, horses and poultry for the fair going public. Local farms and ranches provide their best animals to promote agricultural education and awareness. Cared for by the official show veterinarians and staff, the animals are on display for the duration of the Fair and Rodeo. The most popular exhibit is the hatchery, where incubating eggs and hatching chicks are displayed.


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