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Invest in Texas Kids

The Youth Auction is the grand finale to the Junior Livestock Show. Each year thousands of youngsters spend months working on their projects which they bring to Austin to show. The top placing exhibitors earn a coveted spot in the Youth Auction.

Amount Raised In 2022

An Investment in the Youth of Texas

At the Youth Auction, members of the community, businesses, family and friends support these deserving youth by “purchasing” their lot. The buyer does not take home an actual animal, but these funds go directly to the 4-H and FFA students so that they may save for college, invest in future livestock projects, start their own businesses or pursue other endeavors for their future.

Youth Auction Committee Chair, Jardin Loeffler

A note from our Youth Auction Chair

Rodeo Austin’s one-day Youth Auction rewards a year-long culmination of early mornings, late-night feedings and the invaluable experience of raising an animal. The Youth Auction is a day where we come together to support kids for the love, care and hard work they put into their agricultural investments. I am an 8th generation Texan and it is these traits that inspire my family’s continued commitment to Rodeo Austin. With your contributions, you are investing in not only their future, but a brighter tomorrow for all of us. I invite you to come out and get to know the kids. You too will fall in love with the Youth Auction like my family did more than 40 years ago!

Jardin Carlson Loeffler
Board of Directors
Youth Auction Chair

Making a Contribution

The Youth Auction Volunteer Committee works hard year round to solicit donations from philanthropic community leaders and local businesses to reward these hard working youth. Thank you to the Youth Auction leadership for embodying the spirit of Rodeo Austin and ensuring all exhibitors are rewarded for their efforts.

Donations: Contributions of any amount can be applied to a buyers group you choose to support, or an add on donation can be made to any individual exhibitor. Buyers group donations can be made anytime, and add on donations can be made just prior to and for a couple of weeks following the Youth Auction.

Buyers Groups and Individual Buyers: Donors may participate individually by attending the event and bidding as an individual buyer. This option is ideal for companies wishing to support youth. Buyers Groups solicit donations throughout the year and purchase under one Buyers Group name. This option is ideal for entities that represent a group of philanthropic minded individuals.

Event details

The Youth Auction will be held at the Rodeo Austin fairgrounds inside the 100X Dance Hall on Saturday, March 25, 2023. The sale schedule is below. 444 exhibitors will sell their projects. Rodeo Austin will follow all health and safety guidelines for this event. We will continue to update this page with more details for exhibitors and buyers.


March 25, 2023

8:45 a.m. – Opening Ceremony
9:00 a.m. – Poultry Auction (52 lots)
10:15 a.m. – Barrow Auction (114 lots)
12:15 p.m. – Steer Auction (100 lots)
2:00 p.m. – Lamb Auction (88 lots)
3:30 p.m. – Goat Auction (90 lots)

All buyers should arrive to Gate 1 (7311 Decker Lane) and park as directed in the VIP parking lot.

About 4-H & FFA

Junior Livestock exhibitors qualifying to sell their project at the Youth Auction are members of 4-H and FFA. In addition to building the next generation of agriculturists, these programs emphasize skills and values like leadership, volunteerism and community. The process of caring for a livestock project from purchase to sale teaches these students life skills such as time management and responsibility. These key values help prepare the next generation of Texas for the future.

Learn more about 4-H and FFA livestock projects:

girl smiling while showing her heifer in competition

To participate at Rodeo Austin, exhibitors must also complete a Quality Counts program. “Focused on quality assurance and character education, Quality Counts is designed to teach young people the importance of displaying good character in carrying out livestock projects, and in every aspect of their lives. Quality Counts helps youth exhibitors learn the importance of using proper livestock management practices so that food quality and safety are preserved.” Texas Quality Counts, Texas A&M University System

Learn more about Quality Counts:

Ultimate Scramble

Contribute to Texas youth who are unable to purchase an animal on their own.



Donate through scholarship and endowment programs to help support our mission