Horse Show

Rodeo Austin is proud to showcase two horse shows during the annual Fair and Rodeo. Equine enthusiasts are invited to compete in the Ranch Horse Show and the Gold Stirrup Horse Show.

The dates for Rodeo Austin 2021 are March 13-27. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Horse Show Schedule

Dates are subject to change.

Gold Stirrup Show

  • Arrival - Saturday, March 14 or Sunday, March 15
  • Show - Sunday, March 15
Ranch Horse Show

  • Arrival - Sunday, March 15 or Monday, March 16
  • Show - Monday, March 16

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Horse Show Judges

Gold Stirrup Judge A - Delena Doyle

Gold Stirrup Trail Judge - Carolyn Birnie

Ranch Horse Show - Delena Doyle

About the Gold Stirrup Horse Show

Gold Stirrup - The Gold Stirrup Horse Show is Rodeo Austin's brightest star. A horse show for riders with special needs, Gold Stirrup allows individuals to compete for recognition and prizes.

Ranch Horse Show Flyer

RODEO AUSTIN - MARCH 13-27, 2021