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2022 Volunteer Awards

Thank you to all our Volunteers! We greatly appreciate all that our volunteers do to support our mission, and look forward to recognizing them each year with a variety of awards. If you’re interested in making a difference, see more about our Volunteer opportunities here!

Rodeo Austin Staff with Top Hand Winner in arena
Rodeo Austin Volunteer Awards Winners

2022 Awards

Top Hand: Steven Voelker
Committeeman of the Year: CJ Leseman II, Rodeo
Most Dedicated Chair: Shayne Lockhart, BBQ
Most Dedicated Vice Chair: Jeff Dodd, Competitive Events
Top Junior Leader: Brooklyn Farris

2022 Top Committee Members

  • Mike Frost, Backstage
  • Courtney Howell, Souvenir
  • Chris Slahetka, Operations
  • Stacey Harris, Event Staff
  • Donald Goodson, 100X
  • Cynthia Pierson-Pulley, Gala
  • Gary Newman, Shootout
  • CJ Leseman II, Rodeo
  • Dawn Leisman, Youth Auction
  • John Lubenow, BBQ Austin
  • Jerry Cooke, Hospitality
  • Lynda Smith, Calf Scramble
  • Tim Smith, Ambassadors
  • Rachel Vasquez, Mutton Bustin
  • Vicki Renfro, Xtreme Seats
  • Mark Hodges, School Tours
  • Jennifer Van Overdam, Cowboy Breakfast
  • Joe and April Terbay, Competitive Events


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We’re a nonprofit rodeo that cultivates future generations through competition and education.