Livestock Show

Rodeo Austin welcomes all junior and open livestock exhibitors to the annual Fair and Rodeo in March. More than 9,000 Competitive Events entries will compete throughout the Fair and Rodeo.

The dates for Rodeo Austin 2021 are March 13-27. We look forward to seeing you next year!

2021 Competitive Events Schedule


2021 Livestock Show Judges

Market Steers - Nick Fitzsimmons, OK

Market Barrows - Ben Bobell, IL

Market Goats - Spencer Scotten, OK

Market Lambs - Evan Snyder, PA

Jr. Breeding Heifers (American) - Teri Barber, NM

Jr. Breeding Heifers (British/Continental) - Taylor Frank, KS

Market Broilers - Brian Lowe, TX 

Market Turkeys - Keith Scott, TX

Open Texas Longhorns - Dr. Larry Boleman, TX

Youth Texas Longhorns - Dr. Julie Pack, NC

Open Boer Goats - Ron Dilley, OK

Youth Boer Goats - Catherine Riley, KY

2020 Competitive Events Entry Refund Form

This form is for AST/CEAs and open show exibitors only. If you are a Junior Show exhibitor, please reach out to your Ag Teacher or Agent to assist you with your entry fee refund. Email the completed form to [email protected] Please feel free to reach out with any questions. 

2020 Premium Book

Competitive Events, Livestock Show, and Horse Show Rules. 

Animal Health Declaration Form


2019 All Species Weight Breaks


2019 Youth Auction Results

Congratulations to the exhibitors at the 2019 Youth Auction! Attached please find the breakdown of each sale lot and the total amount awarded. Please note that the total amount awarded does not reflect caps or sales commission.  

RODEO AUSTIN - MARCH 13-27, 2021