Livestock Show

Rodeo Austin welcomes all junior and open livestock exhibitors to the annual Fair and Rodeo in March. More than 8,000 Competitive Events entries will compete throughout the Fair and Rodeo.

Thank you for your participation at Rodeo Austin! 

2019 Jr. Livestock Show Schedule

Dates are subject to change.

Junior Shows

March 18 - Lamb and Goat Arrival

March 19 - Lamb and Goat Show

March 20 - Poultry Arrival, Sift and Show

March 22 - Barrow Arrival

March 23-24 - Barrow Show

March 25 - Steer Arrival and Classification

March 26-27 - Steer Show

March 28 - Judging Contest and Heifer Arrival

March 29 - Heifer Show and Youth Auction

March 30 - Heifer Show

2019 Jr. Livestock Show Judges

Junior Market Steers: Blake Nelson-Platte City, MO

Junior Market Goats: Cody Sloan - Cameron, MO

Junior Market Lambs: Jake Thorne - San Angelo, TX 

Junior Market Barrows: Ben Bobell - Lincoln, IL

Junior Breeding Heifers (American): Caleb Harang - Houston, TX

Junior Breeding Heifers (British/Continental): Amanda Schnoor - Modesto, CA

2018 Youth Auction Results

Please note sale amounts do not reflect commission or cap adjustments.

2019 Jr. Market Broiler Show UPDATE

Due to show dates, the 2019 Junior Market Broiler Show will have its own hatch date. Birds ordered for Houston cannot be used at Austin in 2019.

RODEO AUSTIN - MARCH 16-30, 2019