Rodeo Austin is proud to feature the Scholarship Program as a key initiative to the overall youth giving plan. Rodeo Austin works year round to raise funds for the Scholarship Program, so that each year a new class of students can receive funding for their college education. Proceeds from Rodeo Austin events, as well as income from the Rodeo Austin Endowment fund scholarships.


Students from all walks of life benefit from Rodeo Austin Scholarships. These recipients have proven themselves academically and within their community, meeting high standards set by Rodeo Austin. Scholars over the years have gone on to pursue diverse careers in the areas of medicine, law, agriculture, business, teaching, the arts and more. 


Rodeo Austin partners with select colleges, universities and educational organizations in Texas. Each entity is granted scholarships to award; they then review applicants and choose those who meet requirements set by Rodeo Austin. 


The foremost element determining selection is financial need. Most of the students come from households with incomes less than $75,000 per year. In fact, without a scholarship college is just a dream for many students. Rodeo Austin Scholars must also be standout students academically. Ranked in the top of the high school class and A average students, recipients must maintain a 2.5 GPA while in college to continue receiving funds. Finally, the applicants must display community involvement. National Honor Society, band, theater, 4-H or FFA, and service organizations are just a few of the activities scholars have historically participated in. Most continue their involvement and hone their leadership skills while in college.   


Since its inception in 1981, Rodeo Austin's Scholarship Program has awarded $8+ million in scholarships to more than 2,000+ students. In many cases, the financial support is undeniably the number one factor in whether or not that student can attend college. Equally as important, students know that a group of donors and supporters believe in their abilities. That support and responsibility helps them excel in college and in turn complete successful careers and live fulfilling lives.


Endowment Donors

Rodeo Austin is proud to celebrate Endowment Donors who have made a substaintial gift to ensure the longevity of the Scholarship Program. 

  • Austin Endowment Society
  • Wayne & Jo Ann Moore Foundation Endowment
  • Rodeo Austin Board of Directors Endowment
  • Christine & Roger J. Engemoen Endowment
  • Walker Rolf Texas Scholarship Endowment
  • Niley J. & Stephen W. Smith Endowment
  • 1986B Travis County Endowment
  • Robert Sneed Endowment
  • Kerry and Cassandra Wiggins Family Endowment
  • Bonnie Whiteis Endowment
  • Tommy Dodd Memorial Endowment
  • James & Clara Jo Huckaby Endowment
  • Brian & Shelley Hill Endowment
  • Joe and Kim Straub Family Endowment
  • Feuerbacher Family Endowment
  • Texas Mutual Insurance Endowment
  • La Pasadita Endowment
  • 1985 Travis County Endowment
  • Million Dollar Club Endowment
  • Classic – Brent Thurman Endowment
  • Earl Callahan Endowment
  • Ted & Harriet Nagel Endowment
  • Margaret A. Cathey Endowment
  • 1986A Travis County Endowment
  • ATCLS Endowment
  • Hank & Cathy Rothell Endowment
  • SAJE Endowment
  • Cynthia Eledge Endowment
  • Ruth P. Elliott FFA Endowment
  • David Kitchens Endowment
  • Jack Carmody Endowment
  • Oakes M. Plumber 4-H Endowment
  • Charlotte Dalton Memorial Endowment
  • Brandon Hicks Endowment
  • Classic – Rob Norton Endowment
  • McCoy Corp Endowment
  • Oakes M. Plumber FFA Endowment
  • Paleface Ranch Endowment
  • Robert Hicks Jr. Endowment
  • Ruth P. Elliott 4-H Endowment
  • Past Presidents’ Endowment

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How To Apply

Rodeo Austin awards scholarships to deserving students each year through partnering educational institutions. Please see our informational guide on which educational institutions award Rodeo Austin Scholarships.

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