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When you invest in Rodeo Austin, you are investing in the youth of Texas, and a better future for our country. As you make decisions about how you want to "Leave Your Legacy", please remember Rodeo Austin.

Whether you are looking to give a gift right now, or you are interested in leaving a gift after your lifetime, Rodeo Austin has a giving plan that can fit your legacy objectives. Please review the methods of giving below, and see which option might be right for you and your giving goals.

When you are ready, contact the Gift Planning Department to set up a meeting with a specialist who will work with you to create a customized giving plan that meets your goals. Or we can send you a complimentary Gift Planning Informational Guide with further details.

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Methods of Giving


Rodeo Austin boasts more than 30 endowment funds established to honor loved ones, organizations and to leave a legacy in perpetuity.


You can make a straightforward donation to the Scholarship Fund in the amount of your choice. This allows you to make an impact of the lives of Texas youth today quickly and simply. 


Rodeo Austin accepts donations of your publicly held stocks, bonds and mutual funds. This method allows you to transfer an asset while avoiding capital gains tax and achieve a tax deductible donation at the same time.


The most popular way to become a philanthropist; a bequest is a donation that is left in a will. This donation can be in the form of cash, securities, real estate, or tangible property as long as each specific item adheres to Rodeo Austin Gift Planning policies.


This method allows you to donate your home, land, commercial property, vacation home, or oil and gas interests. This relieves yourself of the burdens of ownership while receiving an immediate charitable income tax deduction and bypass capital gains tax. 


Real Estate that you currently use and maintain can be gifted to Rodeo Austin while you still utilize the property. This will allow you to experience a reduction in taxable estate now, but continue your use of the property for life. 


Consider donating items in your possession that you may not have a use for anymore, but may have a high value such as an art collection or fine jewelry. 


Designate Rodeo Austin as a beneficiary in full or in part to your life insurance plan.  

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